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Session 5

Unfinished Business

Saying goodbye is hard to do and when a big change happens suddenly we might not get to say goodbye at all. We might be left with lots of unanswered questions which can lead us to having strong feelings. We may think that we did something wrong and it’s our fault it happened so we have feelings of guilt. We may even be angry at the very person or thing we love as we feel they have left us behind or we might be scared of our future and what’s going to happen to us now that person or thing is gone.


Guilt & Blame

Something I did caused …
the death | the problem | the fighting | them to leave.

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I’m angry that …
they died | left me alone | I have to move | I miss out.

Fear & Uncertainty

What about me?
who will look after me, if? | where will I live? | what happens if? | who will help?

We need to be able to express and resolve our feelings around the loss including the “other changes” that occur within our family afterwards. Changes like having to move house, city or even country. Changes that mean you now have to share or room or adapt to a new living environment … it might even include a new brother or sister. You might now feel all alone as you no longer have that person or thing for friendship, support and care.

Feelings of grief for what you lost will continue to be felt throughout life; special days, celebrations, events or even certain times of the day can cause strong feelings to arise within us. Over time the intensity of these feelings will change too but the love for our special person, pet or thing will remain as we keep them in our heart forever.

Let’s work on the feelings surrounding our grief and afterwards we will anchor our heart and mind back into the present moment in 5 simple steps. Download The Blame Game Activity Worksheet HERE and download the 5 Senses Activity Worksheet HERE

The Magic Carpet Ride

The Magic Carpet Ride is an imaginative exercise, helping you to say goodbye to somebody or something you love. It is a chance to recall the shared love and to say anything you still need to say to your special person, pet or thing. You will need your special stone for this exercise as you sit and imagine. Let’s join Miss Dee and Chloe back at The Rainbow House…

Putting on a Brave Face

Let’s remove our invisible feeling mask and express our true feelings in this safe space. Download the My Feelings Mask Activity Worksheet HERE

The Feelings Balloon

Strong feelings come and go … maybe some have stirred within you during this lesson. The Feelings Balloon exercise will help you to release any anger, disappointment or guilt you may be feeling over the loss of what you loved. Let’s go back to The Rainbow House and join Miss Dee and Chloe who will demonstrate how to do the feelings balloon exercise…

Yoga … butterfly pose

To end our fifth lesson, we will rejoin Miss Dee and Chloe at The Rainbow House for our weekly yoga pose. Stretching our body and focusing our thoughts as we breathe slow and deep … in and out. Today we will do the Butterfly Pose. This is a calming pose that helps you anchor to the present and create a sense of peace. To begin, find an area within your home that is clear, free of items, cords or anything you could trip over. Click on the card for basic instructions and let’s get started…

That brings us to the close of Session Five. Throughout the week, remember to notice any feelings present and journal about those feelings. When your feelings become overwhelming, you can revisit any of the Activities and Meditations we have learnt so far. When you need to take some time to be still and breathe try doing both of your Yoga poses.

See you next week in Session Six