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Session Three

A Look at Feelings

When we are grieving a loss, it is normal to have a range of feelings. Those feelings are neither good nor bad, they just ‘are’. Feelings are indicators of where your heart is, in response to what is happening around you.

Feelings come from our heart and can be held in our body, coming out as physical pain. Sometimes our feelings overwhelm us and are hard to bear … this is what we call having strong feelings. Sometimes our feelings are mixed, where different parts of us have different feelings at the same time.

When loss happens, no one grieves in exactly the same way or in the same timeframe. This is because we all are different. What’s important is expressing our feelings in safe ways so they don’t stay bottled up inside our bodies.

My Body Outline … where do I feel my feelings?

Where are you feeling your feelings? Do your thoughts get fuzzy? … Do you have aches and pains? … A twitch in the eye? The Body Outline Activity helps us to identify all the mixed feelings we are holding in our bodies. It is natural to have strong feelings around loss and expressing them safely, helps to keep us healthy. Let’s join Miss Dee and Leo at The Rainbow House for this activity, then we will complete our own body outline.

Did You Know? … about chameleons

A lot of people think that Chameleons change colour to camouflage themselves from other animals. Whilst they are good at blending in, their true purpose for colour changes is to communicate their feelings. Chameleons will change into an array of different colours to let other Chameleons know how they feel.

They sometimes dull their colour or brighten their colour depending on what they want to communicate. They change colour to let someone know they like them, when they feel threatened and unsafe or even when they are uninterested and want to be left alone.

Our hearts contain a rainbow of feelings … like our Chameleon friend, let’s use colour to help identify any feelings we might be feeling after this big change in our life. If you were a Chameleon, what colours would be on display from your feelings?

Let’s complete the activity … Download the My Feelings Chameleon Activity Worksheet HERE

Yoga … sun pose

To end our third lesson, we will rejoin Miss Dee and Leo at The Rainbow House for our weekly yoga pose. Stretching our body and focusing our thoughts as we breathe slow and deep … in and out. Today we will do the Sun Pose. This is a healing pose that helps you feel light, energised and empowered. To begin, find an area within your home that is clear, free of items, cords or anything you could trip over. Click on the card for basic instructions and let’s get started…

That brings us to the close of Session Three. Throughout the week, remember to notice any feelings present and journal about those feelings. When your feelings become overwhelming, you can revisit any of the Activities and Meditations we have learnt so far. When you need to take some time to be still and breathe try doing some of your Yoga poses.

See you next week in Session Four