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Session Two

Accepting Change

Sometimes it’s really hard to talk about how you heard about the sad news, what happened next, what happened later and even what’s happening now within your family. You may find yourself needing to adapt to a new environment … like a new town, a new school, a new home or having to live between two homes. Maybe you are just trying to BE without the thing or person you have lost.

When what you used ‘to do‘ is now different and nothing ‘feels normal’ anymore, you may start wishing things could go back to the way they were but TIME is needed to process a big change and to settle into new routines. It might feel really scary to face change and to have lots of strong feelings about it but telling your story helps you to heal.

My Timeline … reflection and workbook activity

My Timeline is an activity that helps you to recall all the changes you have been through, including any special moments important to you. During this, you will see that you are capable of handling many changes both big and small. Timelines also assist in writing your own story which we will complete in our worksheets afterwards. For this activity you will need your special stone. Let’s join Miss Dee and Chloe back at The Rainbow House…

Happy Memories Meditation

The Happy Memories Meditation helps you to recall the precious memories you have already experienced in your life. They are important and can never be taken away from you. Memories remind us of who we are and where we come from. Life brings many changes and remembering happy memories helps you during hard times. For this meditation you will need your special stone. Let’s join Miss Dee and Chloe back at The Rainbow House…

Did you know?… about palm trees

It’s hard to overstate the importance of trees as they have many qualities. Scientist say there are over 60,000 different kinds of trees throughout the world. Palms look a lot different to other trees, having a group of large evergreen leaves, called fronds, sitting atop of one long unbranched stem. These unique trees also have a special ability to flex and bend much further than any other tree can.

Paradise Kids Palm Tree
Paradise Kids Palm Tree
Paradise Kids Palm Tree
Paradise Kids Palm Tree

Palm trees are native to tropical and subtropical climates. In such an environment these trees are exposed to seasonal hurricanes and storms with strong forceful winds. During a storm, the palm tree will adapt by bending its stem and folding its fronds like paper fans to let the wind blow through more easily. When the storm is over, the palm returns back to its original upright position.

What’s interesting is … all the bending from the pressure of the winds causes the stem of the palm to become stronger not weaker. After a storm, the palm tree bounces back and is stronger than it was before. The lesson here is … Life brings change and we can’t avoid it. This change might bring loss and pain, maybe disappointment and discomfort but like the palm tree you have the ability within you to hold your ground, bounce back and be stronger than you were before.

I Am Adaptable_Paradise Kids

Yoga … tree pose

To end our second lesson, we will rejoin Miss Dee and Chloe at The Rainbow House for our weekly yoga pose. Stretching our body and focusing our thoughts as we breathe slow and deep … in and out. Today we will do the Tree Pose. This is a grounding and balancing pose that helps you feel centred, able to stand firm when the winds of change blow. To begin, find a area within your home that is clear, free of items, cords or anything you could trip over. Click on the card for basic instructions and let’s get started…

Tree Yoga Pose

That brings us to the close of Session Two. Throughout the week, remember to notice any feelings present and journal about those feelings. When your feelings become overwhelming, you can revisit any of the Activities and Meditations we have learnt so far. When you need to take some time to be still and breathe try doing both of your Yoga poses.

See you next week in Session Three