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Session Six

Commemorating Love

Commemorating a loved one, pet or thing gives honour to the place they or it had in your life and helps you to relocate the relationship within your heart so you can continue to heal, grow and not be afraid of love in the future.

Sometimes, not everyone has something special from their loved one, pet or thing to keep as a token or reminder of that love. In some circumstances, like natural disasters, things are destroyed and nothing is left. In other cases, the person or pet is still alive but you are separated from them and miss them very much … This does not have to stop us from commemorating what we have loved.

Memories of Us!

Memories are the photographs our heart takes, so now we are going to create a book of memories in honour of our loved somebody or something. This will be your safe space to remember and cherish their qualities and all the special things, times and experiences you shared together. These pages will be here for you to revisit at anytime. You could use crafts and set up a memory box to keep your booklet and precious items in, if needed. You also have the option to create your own little memorial garden, if you wish to do so.

Download your Memories of Us Workbook HERE
Download your Memorial Garden Instructions HERE

my treasured memories

The Golden String … a meditation

The Golden String Meditation helps you connect your heart to the loved person, pet or thing you have lost and now miss very much. You can use this meditation to return to a place of safety and peace in times of distress. Get your special stone and let’s join Miss Dee and Chloe back at The Rainbow House…

The REFRAME of Lilly Rose

Lilly, Milly and Isabelle are three daring sisters who perform together in an acrobatic show, they are also the current aerial champions. Before a performance one night, Lilly felt quite sick but continued on for she didn’t want to let her sisters down, however, things didn’t go to plan. Lilly struggled to concentrate throughout the routine and as a result, missed swinging the aerial hoop far enough for her sister to grab on to. Milly missed the hoop and fell, breaking her arm, unable to perform for several weeks until she healed.

Due to the accident, the sisters lost the chance to defend their aerial champion title. When the sisters were able to return to performing again, worry began to fill Lilly’s mind and heart over her performances. This affected her ability. Lilly would worry that she would mess everything up again and thought she was not good enough!


I always mess everything up … I am not good enough!

I feel afraid and nervous. My hands get shaky and sweaty. Butterflies flutter in my tummy.

During the practice sessions of our routine I freeze right before I have to do THAT move and we have to keep starting over.

I am well able to perform the aerial routine, while I may have made a mistake in the past, I have spent many hours practising the moves and have done them correctly many times before.

Milly Mae finds a way…

After the aerial accident, Lilly’s sister Milly also struggled with worry. Each time the sisters practised their routine, Milly’s mind would fill with worry over the past mistake. She became scared she was going to fall again. When Milly worried her heart would beat so hard and fast it felt like it was going to pop out of her chest. She thought she might even pass out.

Milly’s dad asked her to evaluate her worry… He said, “Sometimes we worry about things that are out of our control. If we keep our focus on a worry we have no control over, it can become bigger and bigger. To help overcome our worry thoughts, we need to evaluate our worry and look at focusing our energy on things we can control”.

Milly sat for a while and thought about it. Milly realised that worrying about falling did not help prevent it from happening and that worry thought was out of her control.

Her dad then asked, “Milly what are the things about your worry you can control” … Milly replied “my effort, my listening and taking care of myself”.  Milly and her dad talked some more. Together they came up with a plan where Milly would try two calming techniques whenever worry arose within her. Milly started to be still, breathe and listen to music before each performance.

Help, I’m Worried!

Let’s flip the script on our worry by taking our own journey through Worry Universe. Download your Journey Through Worry Universe Worksheet HERE

A letter from me to you!

There will be moments and events in your life where you will miss your loved person, pet or thing more intensely, making you wish they or it was there to share the special moments and events with you. During these times you might like to write a letter and include things like what’s happening in your life now, how you feel, how you miss them and anything you would want them to know.

Writing a letter can help you say what you need to say and help you to heal as you put on paper any thoughts and feelings kept inside. You can write as many letters as you like. These letters are not for posting anywhere, they are to help you! Once complete you can either tear them up or keep them as part of a memory box or book.

Download your Letter Template HERE

Yoga … warrior pose

To end our sixth lesson, we will rejoin Miss Dee, Chloe and Leo at The Rainbow House for our weekly yoga pose. Stretching our body and focusing our thoughts as we breathe slow and deep … in and out. Today we will do the Warrior Pose. This is a confident pose, helping you balance bravery and wisdom. To begin, find a area within your home that is clear, free of items, cords or anything you could trip over. Click on the card for basic instructions and let’s get started…

Throughout the week, remember to notice any feelings present and journal about those feelings. When your feelings become overwhelming, you can revisit any of the Activities and Meditations we have learnt so far. When you need to take some time to be still and breathe try doing some of your Yoga poses.

That brings us to the close of Session Six and The Rainbow House online program. Thank you for joining us and we hope that your journey forward is peaceful and joyous.